Events and Workshops

For all those other events in life and business…

EventsIf you would like Jemma and her Shed to flower/foliage up a venue, a special place, a promotional shoot for your Business or for all those other events that should be celebrated in life, get in touch and we can chat through ideas together. Colour, texture and nature brings any space to life, plants are also a wonderful addition and go on living for you! my wide knowledge will help guide you to make your visions real.
Workshops – Family. Friends. Flowers. Foliage. Scissors. Snip and Play! Oh and of course…Cake. Because we love cake as much as flowers. So much fun to be had! and to make it easy, we will come out to you. Gather a group of pals together and we will tailor-make a flowery few hours for you and your friends with all materials provided. With our years of experience we will teach you new skills and you will make, from start to finish your very own creation. We will guide you and help you every step of the way. The sheer satisfaction you will have in seeing what you have made is so exciting and leaves me beaming! Send me over a message on the contact form and we can natter further. Jem