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I’d love to have a chat with you…to check availability for your wedding/event please pop your info on the contact form here or drop me an email
Please do complete your message with a little bit about your ideas, for example your colour scheme, what flowers you might love, what you might even hate! It all adds up to me getting to know YOU. You’ve probably got a really good vibe from my website and social media for how I, Jemma am as a person and the Flower Shed Style – rustic, naturalistic, loose, soft, beautiful flowers. And it works the same way for me to want to get to know you. It is hugely important to me that we are both in sync, ensuring I am the right flower gal for you. When you know that you are comfortable with someone, you just know.
After our initial chat on email or phone, I love to meet you face to face with a pot of tea. Then we really get to know each other and I can fill you up with wonderful ideas bringing your space to life. To green-filled and flower-filled life.

A little note – We choose to take a limited number of weddings/events each year and only one per day. Your day will be our day only too. The costing of each wedding differs for every single one, with so many factors involved – there are many options! And with this, and the constant rise in flower pricing since Brexit we have a minimum spend at the Shed of £2,000. I will work with you to get the absolute best out of what we hand pick together. Utilising your flowers for the entire day wherever we can.

Lets share the flowery wishes together!

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